Monday July 23, 2018

'It's a Girl Thing' set to inspire, unite young Filipinas

AFTER its successful launch in Singapore, "It's a Girl Thing" is coming to Manila to inspire, educate and empower young Filipina women.

Brought by Branded, the co-producers of YouTube FanFest, along with Globe Live, the event is a part live show and part experiential festival including fan meet and greets, workshops and other multicultural and inclusive events which empower women as a united community.

"It's a Girl Thing" hopes to be an inspirational platform of self-discovery, a venue to share ideas and experiences, to promote positive personal development and explore key social issues such as anti-bullying, racism, and other cultural challenges.

"Being a teenager in today’s society is tough so after a successful pilot event in Singapore, we are thrilled to be bringing ‘It’s a Girl Thing to Manila.’ It empowers teenage girls and addresses key social issues that affect them," said Jasper Donat, CEO and co-founder of Branded.

He also said that the event is all about embarking on a journey to self-discovery to truly understand oneself with the help of their favorite online personalities.

Joe Caliro, Globe Telecoms Senior Advisor for Creative Marketing and Multimedia Business, added that the rise of original content creators has given the youth of today more individuals to look up to and gain inspiration from.

"Together with platforms like YouTube, creators now have a venue to reach a global audience. Having them all come together in an event like It’s a Girl Thing allows us to bring some of the best vloggers closer to their fans so they can spark positivity to more girls here in Manila. Not only will the girls meet their favorite creators, but we are proud to also shed light on significant topics particularly cyber wellness."

During its official launch in the country, Branded and Globe Live brought YouTube superstar and entrepreneur Bethany Mota to Manila.

Mota, who has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, said she's thrilled to be part of this international gathering of empowered women and looking forward to meeting different minds.

Aside from her, other names who are expected to grace the Manila scene in November are California native Remi Cruz, lifestyle blogger Niomi Smart, singer/songwriter Renee Dominique, online favorite Riva Quenery and local personalities Pamela Swing, Abby Asistio, Janina Vela and Kiana Valenciano.

Valenciano said it's an honor for her to be part of this kind of initiative because it allows her to use her online brand to good use.

"I'm very excited and very happy. Just being around these ladies, it's already empowering me and pushing me to reevaluate everything and how I see myself. It's nice and I love every minute of it," she told Sun.Star during the event launch last September 21 at Ibiza Beach Club in Bonifacio Globa City, Taguig.

Kiana, the daughter of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano, added that it's nice to interact with people of her age who goes through similar situations as she does.

"When you see five girls, all from different backgrounds, all from different places and we do different things, and we look different. Then you see us together and stand up for something this big, it's nice. I never thought I'd be here."

"It's a Girl Thing" will bring teen passions such as music, arts, media, fashion, health, beauty and well-being to life. The event is an opportunity to meet and listen to stories of inspiration told by people who have made a career and life journey out of inspiring others.

"It's a Girl Things" is happening this November 18 in Manila. (SunStar Philippines)