LIBERAL Party (LP) stalwart and Caloocan Rep. Edgar Erice said Vice President Jejomar Binay, who quit Monday from President Noynoy Aquino’s Cabinet, was “ungrateful” for lashing at the administration as “manhid” (uncaring) and “palpak” (blundering).

PNoy named Binay as presidential adviser on overseas Filipino workers affairs and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council chief.

Binay should have thanked PNoy for those appointments.

He should have also thanked PNoy’s allies for treating him as a “punching bag.”


Perhaps Binay quickly forgot PNoy appointed him to the Cabinet so that he would not be a “spare tire.”

Without those appointments, Binay’s only job would have been to check every morning if the president’s health was fine or not.

As PNoy himself said, “I did not treat him wrong and this is what he repays me with? So, I say to him, ‘Thank you.’”

Look, even PNoy thanked Binay for the vice president’s wholesale indictment of the administration as uncaring and blundering.


Dr. Antonio Contreras, a De La Salle University professor who was dubbed by the Inquirer as a political analyst, reminded PNoy’s allies of their previous political allegiances.

“You know, amid their accusations that Binay is ungrateful, members of the LP might be forgetting that, that by that standard, they are also ungrateful. They are former members of Lakas, aren’t they?” he said.

Contreras said former Lakas members who benefited from former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s reign jumped ship when GMA lost her power.

Well, jumping ships is not new for politicians. Some politicians even look for ships to jump from.


Political pundit Contreras said Binay did not jump ship when it was weak, during the time when the administration was facing various criticisms.

Binay just saw a strategic timing to make a political move, he said.

“He has had several opportunities before but he considered now as the perfect timing,” Contreras said.

See, there’s even a perfect time to be ungrateful.