ANGELES CITY -- This year's Fiestang Kuliat 2017 will once again mark its triple religious festivals for the whole month of October.

Since last year, the City Government and the Holy Rosary Parish had highlighted the city's religious traditions with emphasis on the city's triad of religious festivals.

Angeles City Tourism officers told media men that the religious events will kick off with the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angeles on October 2.

The yearly celebration has a religious and historical significance for the city. The founder of what is now Angeles City, Don Angel Pantaleon de Miranda together with his wife, Doña Rosalia de Jesus, founded the town of Culiat in the year 1829. Culiat was renamed Angeles, dedicated to the Los Santos Angeles Custodios (Holy Guardian Angels).

A few years back, the Holy Rosary Parish re-established the celebration of the Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels which is celebrated on the first week.

Another anticipated religious event for the city is the Feast of the Sto. Rosario de la Naval de Angeles, the city's patron saint, on October 8, a feast day that also holds similar historical and cultural importance for the city. Angeles City is one of only three places in the Philippines where La Naval is celebrated, the other two are Sto. Domingo in Manila and Bacolor in Pampanga.

The religious events will culminate with the Feast of the Apung Mamacalulu on October 27.

The celebration is also a testament to the strong religious fallowing and devotion over the image of the Santo Entierro.