A FRIEND asked me how I cope with anger, illness, and fear.

I shared with him that whenever those situations come up, I immediately check my thinking. Then I pause and calm down. Sharing with trusted friends is advisable in some cases. But I have found that the most effective response is knowing that our loving and caring God is always manifesting His love to each and every one of us.

My friend then said, “Ah! Positive Thinking!”

As a practicing Christian Scientist, I have to say that what I meant in response to my friend’s inquiry is more than positive thinking. It is what I have been continually learning from studying the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, authored by Mary Baker Eddy, whose love of God, the Bible, and humanity was immeasurable.

In my study I’ve found that when we are tempted to be angry or fearful, it’s necessary and helpful to respond as Jesus’ did when he said, “Get thee behind me, Satan.” (Luke 4:8) Satan for me in this scenario is fear or worry from unguarded thinking. On the other hand, Eddy lovingly reminded us to “Stand porter at the door of thought.” (Science and Health p. 392:24). In other words, give entrance to spiritual and healthful ideas from God instead of allowing your thinking to be a mere human repository of things, material beliefs, and opinions.

These loving ideas assure me that, following Jesus, we have the ability to take away or dismiss things that are unhealthy and not helpful. This is more than covering human problems with good vibes or fabricated joy. Rather it is a solid and reliable answer to any human problem.

One day I was asked to host a party -- a reunion for a friend. The night before the affair, my throat was itchy and my voice was becoming less and less audible. With personal issues such as this, I rely totally on Christian Science treatment for healing. I prayed and saw that my friend’s reunion would be a gathering of love, and thus my presence in that affair would be for the purpose of contributing friendship and love. I listened to the audio edition of the Christian Science Weekly Bible Lesson and had a great sleep. The next morning the itchiness subsided and I had a clearer voice. The party went on with songs and dancing. I actually had fun dancing and hosting without coughing or my voice being toned down. I know this is more than thinking positively but rather it is standing firm on the inspiration that when your desire is good, the only fruit is harmony and healthy being, according to the divine law of God.

I have to admit that in order to experience the blessing of Jesus’ teachings in the Bible and as a student of Christian Science, I need to dig deeper into the Truth of God and to nourish my thoughts with healthy ideas coupled with practical application such us unselfishly loving my neighbors, whether they are likeable or not, praying for my countrymen, and most of all seeing things the way our loving Father God sees them--whole, harmonious and joyous.

My friend now understands that trusting God for everything is more than positive thinking. It is indeed a spiritually-guided shepherding available to everyone.


Rodolfo is a practicing Christian Scientist from Manila. For your comments email him at philippines@compub.org or follow him on Tweeter @ALacusong