Wednesday July 18, 2018

Espinoza: Numbers matter

THE Philippine National Police (PNP) was established on Dec. 13, 1990 under RA 6975 and placed under the reorganized Department of Interior and Local Government.

Four of the eight powers and functions of the PNP: “1) Enforce all laws and ordinances relative to the protection of lives and properties; (2) Maintain peace and order and take all necessary steps to ensure public safety; (3) Investigate and prevent crimes, effect the arrest of criminal offenders, bring offenders to justice and assist in their prosecution; (4) Exercise the general powers to make arrest, search and seizure in accordance with the Constitution and pertinent laws.”

Majority Floor Leader Rodolfo Fariñas recently hugged the headlines again when he authored House Bill No. 6208 proposing the creation of the Philippine Legislative Police (PLP).

Fariñas is presumed to know RA 6975. But his bill does not only duplicate the existing powers and functions of the PNP but is also an insult to PNP Chief Bato dela Rosa. Instead, he could have passed a law that would add the functions he wished for the PNP in keeping with the law’s provision: “perform such other duties and exercise all other functions as may be provided by law.”

The nauseating part of Fariñas bill is that the PLP will secure not only the 292 congressmen and 24 senators but also the members of their family. No wonder Sen. Ping Lacson frowned on it.


In politics, numbers matter a lot. Cebu City Councilor Bebs Andales wanting ex-officio council member Philip Zafra to step aside was part of BOPK’s strategy to get the upper hand in the city council. If Zafra vacates his seat, BOPK is given the chance to be the majority in the City Council.

The resignation of Councilor Hanz Abella after his appointment as commissioner of the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) disadvantaged the BOPK as it could not muster the number to vote on Osmeña’s legislative agenda.

Councilor Andales later withdrew his motion after getting the right information on the issue from the lawyer colleagues of Zafra.

Once Renato Osmeña, Jr. assumes the post left vacant by Abella, the opposition would again be the majority unless some of them would flip to the BOPK.