TWENTY-NINE squads in different brackets opened their campaign last week as the 9th Young Men’s Christian Association Cup Corporate division opened.

The four bracket tournament coined after YMCA will have seven teams each in Y, M, and C, while bracket A will have eight teams in the fold.

Team Irisan, BBP@CBI Mary Lith Taxi, Isaiah 7:14, Ruiz Optical Clinic, Police Regional Office Cordillera, King Tigers, and Phantoms compete in bracket Y.

The competing teams of bracket M are Covergys, Life Savers, YMCA Stars, Baguio Water District – A, Teleperformance, GT Quest, and Masters.

In bracket C, the teams are YMCA Body Building Club, Sunday School, Swaggs, Knights, Reunite, KUya Ponz Catering, and 50’s Diners.

Competing in bracket A are Admirals, St. Peter, Baguio Water District – B, YMCA, YMCA Rising Stars, DSWD, King Louise Flower Shop and Strawberry Pickers.

The tournament will be a single round robin format and will run until August.

After the Corporate Division, the interschool competition will follow for elementary and high school students.

The interschool competition is expected to lure schools coming from Baguio City and nearby La Trinidad. (Jair Ampaguey/Trinity College Intern)