POLICE officers should show courtesy when conducting a checkpoint, Danao City Police Office director Gerard Ace Pelare said during his lecture in the city's police station on Thursday, September 28.

Pelare's talk aimed to remind police personnel on the proper procedure of conducting checkpoints.

His lecture came after motorists complained that some personnel of Mandaue City Police Office inspected their bags.

He said checkpoints should be conducted in well-lighted areas during nighttime and preferably led by an officer, the police should use a marked vehicle, and the personnel should be in proper uniform.

Personnel are limited to visual search, but if they find a probable cause that a crime is committed by the occupants like the presence of bloodstains or firearm, a thorough search may be done, Pelare added.

He reminded his personnel to stick to the procedures to avoid committing mistakes and violations.

After the lecture, a simulation exercise was conducted to test the personnel.

Pelare then gave his critique. (KAL/SunStar Cebu)