Monday July 16, 2018

Baguio police strengthen force multipliers

WITH its vision to strengthen engagement in the community, the Baguio City Police Office gathered potential members of society to be part of the National Coalition of the Philippine National Police Force Multiplier Group.

BCPO city director Chief Superintendent Ramil Saculles said the creation of the group will focus on information gathering and sharing against criminal activities.

“This program was conceived by no other than PNP Director General Ronald Dela Rosa as a means to help the PNP gather information coming from the community stake holders to strengthen the fight against illegal drugs, terrorism, and even emergency response,” Saculles said.

Initially, representatives coming from the communications group, barangay leaders, foreign associations, bloggers, schools, and information technology sector were present during the meeting, and will form the initial number of the coalition.

Saculles said the group will be distributed under five categories namely; National Tokhang Advocacy Coalition, National Coalition of IT Advocates for Change, Anti-Crime Community Emergency Response Team, Association of Chiefs of Police of the Philippines and affiliated NGO’s, and the Foreign National Keeper Network.

Among the focus of the coalition is helping BCPO in the field of information technology to achieve the dream of the PNP of having an IT Policeman.

In the field of information, particularly the members coming from bloggers, Saculles reminded them of reporting information which must be geared on fairness that is just, and is based on facts and circumstances to avoid the spreading of fake news.

Aside from the initial members invited by BCPO to form the coalition, Saculles hopes to gather potential members coming from the grass roots level, and to achieve the proposed 2,500 membership for the Cordillera region which will be put to oath by Dela Rosa next month.