NEWS headlines are focused on local and national events. Local politicians in the region are fixing their political machinery while adjusting their radars to the frequency of national political parties. There is no show business like politics.

Only very few politicians have “let the cat out of their bag.” This phrase has nothing to do with a cat or a bag. In order to understand a language, you must know what the idiom in that language means. You will get befuddled. You have to know the hidden meaning.

Philippine politics is always like that especially those who ring the bell but have not filed their certificate of candidacy yet. (There is a reason for that.) Politicians (the astute ones) are “snugs as bugs in rugs.” Some expressions (just like some of the politicians) become overused. We call them clichés.

Politicians speak in idioms to keep voters guessing who are running, and running in what positions. They simply keep on “throwing a monkey wrench” to prove their intentions. Every politician wants to have an “ace up in his sleeve”.

No one wants to “add fuel to the fire” or shall we say “air his dirty laundry in public”. Every politician has an “axe to grind”. Those who are “babes in the woods” are even trying to venture in the political arena as long as they have a “backseat driver”. They simply “beat the band” not knowing that they are “beating a dead horse”. Joining politics is like a bet “behind the eight ball”.

There are those running even without political parties backing them up (thinking that they are popular based on surveys). Well, later on, they will find out that they are “between the devil and the deep blue sea”. I want to remind them, “beware of Greeks bearing the gifts”. I do not want to shatter your dreams but usually “birds of the same feather flock together”.

Those who have been dislodged as early as this time have no choice but to “bite the bullet” which is just the same as “biting the dust”. Some have already left their political family after they have been tagged as the “black sheep”. Now they are out and that could be a “blessing in disguise”. In politics, “blood is thicker than water”.

Any politician can always try hard (and even harder). If no one listens, he simply “blows his own horn” (if he has one and if he really is horny). Some politicians have been considered arrogant. We cannot blame them. They have been “born with a silver spoon in their mouth”. The “bottom line” is they can’t even “bring home the bacon”.

Some have tried to “burn the candle at both ends” after “burning the midnight oil”. In the long run, they have realized that in the political market, they have “bought a pig in a poke” and that was “by hook or by crook”.

In politics, there is always “calm before the storm” but the moment the storm is there, many “can’t see the forest for the trees”. The head of the political party should “carry the ball” and “cast the first stone,” and should remain always with a “clean bill of health”.

Politicians have always “cloak-and-dagger” story. If one has a weak heart, he will surely have “cold feet”. Your political ambition may “cost you an arm and a leg”. For God’s sake don’t show your “crocodile tears”. Just be ready to “cross that bridge when you come to it”. You may spend your billions and you still lose. Don’t “cry over spilled milk”.

Politics is always like that. A “dark-horse candidate” may win the race. Politicians should know that politics is a “dog-eat-dog-world”. Just be reminded that you “don’t count your chicken before they hatch”.

All politicians must have “eyes in the back of their heads” and must be ready for an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” interaction (all the time). If you are a politician, “go bananas”. Always read the “handwriting on the wall”. Get ready for a “wild-goose chase”.