Sunday July 22, 2018

PCCL to hold 3-on-3 tournament

AS part of their commitment to basketball development in the countryside, the Philippine College Champions League (PCCL) is holding a 3x3 tournament for schools on Nov. 11 for the Visayas Elimination at the University of San Carlos Main Gym.

The PCCL 3x3 Championship is designed to bring the best student players to play in the most basic basketball competition.

“Every player has played a 3-on-3. That is the most basic competition a player could have played before they were part of the any varsity basketball team. PCCL is committed to basketball development to students around the country. And we picked schools instead of teams because they are the prime movers of sports in the country,” said PCCL founder Joe Lipa.

However, unlike the basic rules of the standard 3x3 competition, PCCL tries to make the competition more exciting by tweaking some rules.

First, instead of the straight 10 minutes competition, the PCCL 3x3 will be played in two 10 minutes halves with the last two minutes will be played like a regular basketball game, that is to stop the timer in every shot made.

If that is not sure enough to make the game more high scoring than the usual 3x3 game, PCCL will add a 4-point spot, while the scoring will be like the regular basketball game, that is two points for every shot made inside the 3-point arc, and 3-points for shots made beyond the arc.

However, only 10 teams will participate in the competition and Cesafi is allowed six teams.

According to Lipa, Bacolod will send two teams, Roxas City and Dumaguete will have one team each. But in the event they will fail to send their teams, Cebu schools will complete the 10-team field.

The same regional competitions will be held also in the North /Central Luzon, South Luzon/Bicol, Mindanao, where they champions plus two school teams from NCR will play for in the Grand Finals in Manila in January.

In the regional eliminations, PCCL will hand out a total of P110,000 with the champion team pocketing P16,000 cash and the eliminated teams to receive P8,000 cash each.

The national champion will go home with P30,000 while the three eliminated teams will pocket P12,000.

A team can be composed or a mixed college or high school players, 25 years old and below, a bonafide student, and must be a natural born of half Filipino who possess a Philippine passport. (RCM)