Saturday July 21, 2018

Y-Speak: Think, then cross

TIRED, the only feeling I got after surviving another long day of schoolwork. Still, I had to go to a coffee shop in order to continue working on requirements.

Upon arriving at my destination in front of Victoria Plaza Mall, I witnessed a cop talking to a citizen. Curious, I approached the people around and tried asking. Surprised with what I heard, I rushed to the coffee shop then tried to work out my thoughts.


The setting was very clever. A police mobile vehicle was stationed under the overpass by the right side of a mini grocery. According to a witness, the suspect casually crossed the road without using the overpass, which was clearly above her. Then, the sirens went off.

I have to admit I do jaywalk especially when I’m in a rush. I do it without thinking that it violates the law. But then I remembered, a ton of people were actually arrested since the Anti-Jaywalking Ordinance was implemented December last year.

In fact, I have talked to people who got caught jaywalking. Even after knowing that they are required to pay a fee and to attend a seminar, I remained ignorant. But with what I have just witnessed, things changed.

Jaywalking isn’t that of a pain to avoid. Pedestrian lanes and overpasses are stationed across the city. These lanes and bridges aren’t supposed to be taken for wasting our time but instead interpreted positively.

Following this ordinance won’t make our lives harder. This actually ensures not only our safety, but also those of motorists. More importantly, this provides discipline; an essential attitude especially in a city run by those who value it the most.

Realizing all of these got me grateful. I am happy that my ignorance has not led me further into harm.

So, the next time you’d ever think of jaywalking, let go of the thought. Jaywalking doesn't only risk your life, but also your record. Think thoroughly, cross safely.