Saturday July 21, 2018

Fusion, 5G and a comparo

GoPro Fusion

This is one action cam that I am quite interested in. Yes, the previous GoPro cams were quite compelling as well. This one though is, agreeably, quite a big leap forward. Panorama captures without having to stitch one frame to the next. Sure, the panos you get from the traditional way of capturing them is still different in terms of quality, but the simplicity and easy of use of it simply trumps the rest.

Watch their introductory video of it below.

Fantastic ain’t it! Imagine having not to capture what’s in front and behind separately anymore. Literally, point and shoot. GoPro says it ships on or before November 30, 2017 and is USD699.99.

Am I get one? Not sure yet. I think I’ll wait for more people to use this in the wild and get more info. I may be an early adopter but for something this expensive? I’ll wait for more info.

5G is coming

Although we’re quite lagging behind when it comes to cellular technologies here in the country but there’s still hope. It’s more than likely that we’ll catch up soon enough. The Pinoy consumers’ demand for mobile connectivity is growing by the year and, with that, it’s a definite must that our cellular providers up their game. And with the dawning of 5G, things are going to a whole lot more exciting. In a page from Qualcomm’s website, their calling 5G as the “platform for invention”.

What is 5G? In an article published by PCMag, "5G is a new network system that has much higher speeds and capacity, and much lower latency, than existing cellular systems.” Lower latencies mean that your 5G device can communicate faster; retrieve and send data in lesser time that how it is now. So, if you can imagine for a moment, a brain surgeon based in Manila can be wearing a VR glass or headset paired with gloves and what not and he’s connected to an operating theater in Davao City performing a surgery for a patient.

Disaster response can also be done remotely. Say, for example, post earthquake rescue operations where rescue teams need to check stability of fallen structures. The team can send out a robot while the operator is from a safe distance away and operating the robots with all its on-board instruments without any lag whatsoever.

So much to come with such a technology. Adoption though may be a bit slow because, just like any new technology, it will be expensive. Check out this article by VentureBeat about possibilities with 5G.

7 vs 8

Let me cap this off with this side by side comparison video I found on YouTube between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8.