MOST of the commonly bought fruits at Bankerohan Public Market remain to have stable prices as of Monday, October 2, based on the price monitoring conducted by SunStar Davao.

Mango is at P20 per kilogram (kg), while other varieties like mango carabao is at P35 for half a kilogram, and mango kabayo is P25 for half a kilogram. Varieties of banana ranged from P10 to P30 per bundle. Cardava is P10 per bundle, latundan is P20 per bundle, while lakatan is sold at P30 per bundle.

Pomelo is sold for P90/kg, however other stalls offer it for P50/kg. Mangosteen is at P50/kg; watermelon is at P20/kg; and santol is sold at P15/ per half a kilogram.

Other fruits such as papaya are sold at P25/kg and pineapple at P40/kg.

Meanwhile, ponkan orange is at P12 per piece (pc), guava is at P50/pc, apple is P10/pc, and lastly buko is sold for P30/pc.

The price of durian now is P60/kg, which has decreased from around P100/kg since Kadayawan Festival. (Eliza Huilar and Alexandrea Ignacio, ADDU Interns)