Wednesday July 18, 2018

Umpad brothers not involved in drug trade, says mom

THE mother of the three brothers who were killed in a police operation in Barangay Guizo, Mandaue City, Cebu, on Monday dawn, October 2, does not believe her sons were involved in illegal drug trade.

"Gipatay nila morag baboy (They were slaughtered like pigs)," said Jean Umpad.

She said she cannot accept her sons' deaths, which happened two days after they were released from Mandaue City Jail.

Brothers Ruben, 25; Jhon Vincent, 26; and Jerome, 27; were acquitted of their murder and direct assault cases through the Supreme Court's Enhanced Justice on Wheels program on Thursday, September 28.

The siblings were freed Friday night, September 29, after completing their release papers.

"Duha ra ka adlaw kauban nako akong mga anak. Duha ra gyod ka adlaw (I was with them for just two days)," said Umpad.

She said two policemen barged inside their house while her sons were sleeping.

The policemen barked at Umpad, her live-in partner, her son Rustom and live-in partner Jenny Rose to get out of the house. They later heard six successive gunshots. Afterwards, Rustom was arrested.

Umpad said her sons did not return to selling shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) and did not keep unlicensed firearms.

But Mandaue City Police Office Director Roberto Alanas defended his operatives, saying it was a legitimate operation.

When asked why the Police Station 3 personnel carried out the operation and not Police Station 1’s, Alanas said his personnel can operate anywhere. Guizo is under Station 1.

Drug Group

Alanas said there was a shootout with the brothers, whom he described as new members of the drug group led by Mandaue City Jail inmate Harold Sadaya. Jean does not believe his statement.

Alanas yesterday presented to reporters a matrix, which showed the Umpads occupying the lower tier of the group, which reportedly continues to supply drugs in Cebu Province.

“They (inmates) were given information on how to run the drug operations. After they were freed, they already knew how to distribute and transport the drugs,” he said in Tagalog.

Alanas said that Sadaya gave the names of his underlings to the inmates.

Jean said two policemen barged inside their house, while her sons were already sleeping.

The policemen barked at Jean, Jean’s live-in partner, her son Rustom and Rustom’s live-in partner Jenny Rose to get out of the house.

They later heard six successive gunshots. Rustom was later arrested even if he was not carrying any illegal drug.

Jean said that her sons were not selling shabu and they did not keep unlicensed firearms.

Regional Intelligence Division Chief Jonathan Cabal said they will ask for the guidance of Police Regional Office 7 Director Jose Mario Espino on what to do with the case.

Espino earlier reminded his personnel to respect human rights during drug operations.

Cabal said that Umpad’s family can file charges against the operating team and ask for an investigation.

Before the operation against the Umpad brothers, MCPO operatives caught Jubirth “Goliath” Judilla, 35, in Barangay Paknaan at 9:30 p.m. last Sunday.

In the same village, Filoteo Tantan Maloloy-on, 35, was arrested at 12:05 a.m. last Monday.

Four packs of suspected shabu were seized from the suspects, who allegedly have direct links with Sadaya.