LAST month, the United Nations (UN) declared the so-called “safe abortion day,” which caused a negative knee-jerk reaction from pro-life groups. (By the way, is not abortion as deadly as Hitler’s Final Solution?)

Some groups, such as the Operation Rescue, reacted by refuting the safety claims over abortion procedures, which are usually done in clinics in the United States and abortion-sponsoring countries and in the secrecy of a hilot’s dingy room in the Philippines where abortion is considered a murder of a defenseless child.

The problems with refuting the safety claims of pro-abortion institutions, like the UN, are two.

First, the advances in medical science, which pro-abortion countries use to promote their anti-life agenda, are inevitable and can redound to increased and, perhaps even guaranteed, safety in abortion procedures.

Second, the real issue, however, is not safety but the ethicality of killing an innocent child. No amount of refuting the safety of abortion will ever justify the act of abortion itself. In fact, the refutation over safety creates an implied credence on abortion under a guaranteed condition of safety.

However, falling for such a clever use of narrative is falling for cleverly designed deception.

Judee Burgoon and David Buller defined “deception” in 1994 as an “intentional falsification of truth” in order to create a “false impression” or lead people to a “false conclusion.” If fake news had caused the winning of a presidency in our country, such outcome is a testimony on the effectiveness of deception.

In fact, psychology studies indicated that people’s capability to detect deception is as accurate as detecting it by chance. In the same manner that Filipinos fell for fake news, it is understandable as well that Operation Rescue fell for the argument of safety in abortion when the true argument is on abortion itself, safety notwithstanding.

What is clear today is the growing tentacles of pro-abortion forces that are sweeping around the world, and the Philippines is evidently on its octopian radar. There was an attempt in the previous Congress to include abortion as a medical intervention for the women’s welfare campaign, promoted by the Obama administration. In fact, Obamacare covers abortion expenses.

In the same manner that fake news proliferates in the country today, let us be more vigilant on subtle changes of narratives that can steal not just our country’s assets, but, more dangerously, the lives and future of our children’s children as well. Yet, if we talk of abortion, what life or future then are we referring to for the unborn children?