Wednesday July 18, 2018

Thrift-shopping 101

ARE you a fan of thrift-shopping or ukay-ukay?

From clothes down to books and super budget friendly prices, sky is truly the limit when it comes to different items that you can find in thrift shops.

I have been going thrift-shopping for the longest time since I can remember because not only for its price but thrift shop items are unique. This means you don’t have to worry that you would bump into someone on the street with the same shirt as yours. So for this week’s column, I will be sharing some handy tips to keep in mind for your next thrift shopping trip.

Check for preferable schedule to shop

Back in my hometown, other than the stand-alone thrift shops, we mostly visit the public market ukay-ukay which often operates during the weekends. Here in Davao, other than the Roxas night market which operates every night, I believe that there are also other spots in the city for thrift-shopping that operate on a scheduled basis. So I suggest asking around on the best days to shop or the schedule of newly delivered items when visiting the nearest ukay-ukay near you.

Double check thrifty items before buying

If buying clothes, always double check the item to see if the buttons are complete, if the zippers work and if there are holes or stains on it to make sure that it is worth it. Same goes for bags and shoes.

Checking your size for pants/shorts

Ukay-ukay places don’t have fitting rooms but don’t worry because did you know that you can check if the pants/shorts fit you by fitting it on your neck? Just simply hold the pants/shorts on the waist line area and fit it just like how you wear your necklace. If it fits your neck then it fits you. This test works for me all the time!

Don’t be scared to ask for a discount

Especially when you’re planning to buy a number of items, don’t be scared to ask for a discount. Just be polite and you will surely get discounted prices.

Always bring change/small bills

For faster shopping transactions, bring small bills with you. Looking for change might take time and piss off some sellers so don’t forget this tip on your next thrift-shopping trip.

Cleaning your items

Always make it a point to disinfect your thrift-shopped items. I personally use bleach to disinfect my thrift-shopped clothes just make sure to follow the packaging instructions on how to use the disinfectant to make sure that you won’t damage your clothes.

Also, another thing to remember when washing thrift-shopped clothes is to check for color bleeding so it’s better to wash them by color to avoid color staining.

And voila! Those are a few of my thrift-shopping tips. Have fun on your next thrift-shopping trip!


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