"Do you indeed speak righteousness, O gods? Do you judge uprightly, O sons of men?... No, in the heart you work unrighteousness; on earth you weigh out the violence in your hands." - Psalm 58:1—3 NASB

PSALM 58 records the bitter cry of David... pouring out all the poisons from within his deep wounds before the Lord. Such brokenness of David was not the result of or the consequence of a sinful choice. David is the one who was wronged. He was the victim... the receiver of the wrath of a lunatic king right in the midst of a corrupt system that choked the very breath of justice. David, wounded, wronged, and fuming with his own wrath poured his uncensored cry to God... a cry for justice, a victim's cry for vengeance! His cause was legitimate, his wounds were fresh and his heart was wrecked and reeking with anger— but David prayed!

The possibility and scope by which we can become victims of injustice, inspired by an unjust system run by political vultures has grown wider than you can ever imagine. In the corporate world, in ministries, marriages and even in close friendships, injustice boldly asserts itself. The victims just hopelessly bow down. If you have not experienced it today, somewhere down the road of raw reality, your turn will come.

Time and time again, average and utterly brilliantly-minded individuals have pitched their brains against this question…. ’Why does God allow such brokenness to happen to fine people?’ …. and have found it impossible to explain. Since brokenness cannot be fathomed by words and wit, you learn to respect brokenness when you experience it! The pain and the poison it brings can only be dealt with when it is released to God... this time, not with religious talk and definitely not with emotional tantrums. Instead, we express our frustrations to the Lord in desperate prayers.

God turns bitterness into brokenness. In brokenness, we learn to see the real world, see our real spiritual condition. We get to see God turning hurts into healing. A spiritual breakthrough brought about by brokenness expressed in angry prayers are now life's invitation for authentic healing and redemption. Here, the brokenness from God is the bridge. Take great time to reflect, repent, and be redeemed. At the end of this journey, we will see a broken heart giving way to a bowed willfulness that now results in a powerful willingness of the heart to live in full surrender to Abba. Go ahead... find a place of solitude. CRY your pain to the Father and prepare to see your hurt from a different perspective, this time from a wounded heart. Brokenness and angry prayers expressed before God leads the way to a deep application of grace and truth.

Thanks for reading... I write straight from a broken heart.