WHAT has two legs and a convincing mouth? It's Yas Ocampo.

On Tuesday, as Ace and I were feasting on cups of chocolate drinks from the newly-opened Cacao City at the Pasalubong Center, our colleague from the media by the name of Kuya Yas messaged us after he saw on Facebook that we were nearby. He said something about getting dinner at a unique restaurant in Obrero. The initial plan was to have dinner at home since I'm trying to cut my expenses for the good girl duties (ninang, ate, daughter, pamangkin duties) for December but he said it was cheap so we just shrugged our shoulders and hopped on a cab.

The restaurant is called Jalan Loklok, it's seated on Sobrecarey Street just in front of Taishozan and Espetada. I heard about this one before, they had chicken satay which is famous in Malaysia. I remember taking a screen cap of this on Facebook to remind myself of some go-to places in the city that I haven't visited yet - but it was buried under a lot of other images weeks later that I've completely forgotten about it.

So, as we were placing our orders, Ace and I were fancying on those yummy-looking skewers that were sold per stick. The price ranges from 35php to 50php (I guess) and it's gonna be difficult to choose and to avoid being "takaw-tingin". I had some fish cakes and cheese tofu paired with a mango drink while Ace opted for the Chicken BBQ set for 100php, it included four sticks of chicken bbq, rice, and an iced tea.

By the time Karina arrived, I already ate half of my plate so I had to order a few more just so I would still eat while the rest of them are eating. (Haha! I don't want to just stare people while they eat).

After we finished our plates, Kuya Yas ordered chicken satay, of course he gave us some because he said we need to try those and yes they were heaven. It's practically chicken (idk how it was cooked) dipped in peanut butter sauce (actually you can choose from sweet and sour, chili, bbq sauce) and it has to be eaten wrapped in roti. We had another plate after that round though, it was heaven but the guilt was there because, ahem, Ace, Karina, and I (along with Macky, who's been MIA recently) are trying to get into shape. Hello diet!

But it's okay, at least we enjoyed good food together. Jalan Loklok was worth it, I'm bringing friends and family on my next visit. See you there!