Tuesday July 17, 2018

Limpag: Oust Peping movement gets on a roll

THE leaders of 18 national sports associations (NSAs) met the other day to discuss diferent issues in sports. Primary, of course, is the need to amend the by-laws of the POC.

I don’t know what part of the bylaws they want to amend, but I think these might be related to how the POC election is done and who gets to participate in it.

As of now, only NSA presidents who are considered active members are eligible to run, but the definition of an active member is quite vague. You can be the head of a very active NSA that has a lot of programs like boxing but won’t be eligible to run or you can be head of an inactive NSA like that of equestrian and be allowed to run.

For now, active membership, as defined in their last election, hinges on physical presence in POC meetings. So, in essence, you can do nothing for your sport but as long as you attend POC meetings, you are an active member. And that shouldn’t be the case, right?

Aside from that, I hope the POC will put a term limit on the presidency and any POC official should be eligible for one reelection only. And perhaps, aside from a term limit, we should put an age limit also; anyone who turns 80 shouldn’t be eligible for any POC post.

Peping has run unopposed in the last two POC elections and I think that should change, too. No POC official should be allowed to run unopposed, right?

I don’t think it would be discrimination as it is in the IOC charter, that any IOC member who turns 80 ceases to be a member.

The by-laws of the POC is just one of the things the NSA presidents want addressed. The others are the need to review conflicts in the other NSAs and the need to systematize the procurement process for equipment and supplies.

Those who joined the meeting were representatives from gymnastics, boxing, rugby, handball, netball, shooting, sepak takraw, swimming, judo, karatedo, triathlon, dragon boat/canoe-kayak, table tennis, squash, taekwondo, soft tennis, rowing and arnis.

Curiously absent is football, whose president was the first to run against Peping. But I think that if the movement steps into high gear, the PFF will join the fray.

The 18 NSAs are supposed to release a statement in the next few days and this is one development I’m eagerly anticipating.