THESE newfangled things really never stop to fascinate me. I remember the time when I had to wait for a favorite song to play on the radio so that I can record it on my tape recorder using yes, a tape cartridge. Hehe.

That was the time when TDK and Maxell meant something. And, you always knew what to do when you are given a tape cartridge and a pen or pencil! Those were the days when I started to realize how much music made your life more fun. I remember the thrill of going to Gaisano Ilustre to find tapes of my favorite artists. I can remember how thrilled I was when I would find really good compilations of popular songs sung by various artists. Back then, I think they cost 10 pesos. OMG. Practically dates me to the Jurassic period!

Fast forward to now. You have CDs and then you also have the online music stores where you can download music you want. And there are online radios that stream music to your gadgets from all over the world, as long as you are online. I am pretty sure that there are so many other features that I do not know exists, but pretty much, these days, everything is available at the touch of a button.

I was fiddling with my phone apps the past few weeks, looking for a means to get in some music on my phone. Quite honestly, I dont have the time nor the patience to download any music. I needed some instant music so that I can listen to something during my down time. I have heard about streaming music before but I have never really tried it. So I just figured why not try?

It is amazing what technology is capable of doing these days. Streaming music is not only possible, but you can actually share it with other people who may like the same music that you love!

The fun part comes with making your own playlist. Being an 80’s kid, I had fun adding eighties music till reached about 150 songs!

I actually found myself trying to extract forgotten memories based on the songs that I had chosen to download for my playlist. And it brought about a cascade of happy memories like times spent with old friends, childhood crushes, favorite movies and priceless times spent with friends and family! And you do get caught up on the memories the songs bring! In a way, you also come to the realization that after all those years, two things remain true:

Some things never change. Some things change you.

There are experiences in our lives that will always remind us of what used to be.

It is funny how high school memories of dancing with my high school barkada during YDT class in City High can flash before my eyes automatically as I listen to “Always Something There To Remind Me’ playing on my phone as I write this article. It makes me smile, knowing that those were happy times spent with dear friends for life. Friends that I am still in touch with now that I am (almost) 45-years-old. It is amazing how one can go back to the beginning of a 31-year friendship just by listening to a three-minute song!

Really, music is a superb historical marker for our personal experiences. No matter how long it has been since you last heard the song, it brings back the memories of that time when you regularly hear it playing. Yes, you can say that you do “remember the boy (or girl), but do not remember the feeling anymore,” but it does give you that sense of pride that you have made it through the rain. You may find yourself bopping to your vision of love. I’m just thinking out loud here, so stay with me.

Music feeds your soul and fills your senses with bygone sensations worth remembering. I am glad there are more ways to enjoy them. It is nice to have that option to get lost in emotion and be hooked on that feeling of just enjoying the view with your life’s soundtrack playing in the background.

Happy Sunday Everyone!! :)