Monday July 16, 2018

Carmen holds ‘green’ pageant

FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD Desiree Elesterio, a 5’6” tall Grade 9 student, was candidate number 4 in the Carmen National High School Recycled Gown Pageant. Elesterio won the People’s Choice and Best in Gown at the October 5 event.

The main material of her blue gown was made of a blue tarp that had been used as a cover of her father’s car. The blue tarp was then decorated with plastic spoons and forks, straws, rolled newspaper and bits of broken glass cut into squares.

After winning, Elesterio encouraged people not to throw things a way that can be reused or recycled and not to litter to "make our surroundings neat and clean."

"Students have been searching for used material out of trash bins," Carmen National High School vice principal Corazon Vios said.

"They washed the dirty materials and then used them to sew gowns," she said.

Vios said the school is also pushing the idea that people should all take any litter until we find the right bin to put it in. The trash can then be sorted, setting aside the recyclables from the non-recyclables before these are disposed of in an environment-friendly manner.