Monday July 16, 2018

Checkpoints pushed in city

BARANGAY officials in Talisay City urged the new city police chief to conduct non-stop checkpoints and visitations in the city’s 22 barangays.

During their regular session yesterday, members of Talisay City’s Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) invited Supt. Jason Villamater to visit their barangays on a regular basis to promote police visibility.

Barangay officials said the lack of police visibility in some barangays are often one of the reasons why crime often occurs.

Perla Cabanes, whose Barangay, Tanke has been known as a haven for illegal drug users, said that if Villamater regularly conducts checkpoints in her village, the transportation of illegal drugs being sold there could stop.

But Villamater, in a separate interview, admitted that due to the lack of personnel, he cannot send police officers to every village.

He said that he is requesting additional augmentation for his police force.

In a separate interview, ABC president and Bulacao Barangay Captain Raul Cabañero said they are willing to support Villamater with his program for peace and order in the villages.

Cabañero said he and his fellow barangay chiefs can support the local police by deploying their tanods during police patrols and checkpoints. (JKV)