Monday July 23, 2018

City willing to buy 300 body cameras

CEBU City Mayor Tomas Osmeña said the City Government is willing to spend for the purchase of body cameras, which will be used by police officers during their anti-illegal drug operations.

However, the mayor said the cameras should be tested first before the City will buy them.
If they work, Osmeña said the City is willing to buy even up to 300 cameras.

“We will extend what is effective whether it’s a body camera or whatsoever. I have a philosophy of change because you can’t be better unless you change. Maybe we can test it in small way, maybe 20 body cameras will be fine with me and if it works, then we will have 300 body cameras,” he told reporters.

Osmeña said these cameras can also be a training module in areas where the police officers need to improve.

Aside from the police, Osmeña said City can also give body cameras to the city’s traffic enforcers for monitoring purposes.

Earlier, a proposal to let police officers wear body cameras during their operations, particularly on illegal drugs, was pushed to check if police officers are following their rules of procedures in their operations.

The Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) received six donated body cameras from a private firm, which will be used for their anti-illegal drug operations.

CCPO director, Senior Supt. Joel Doria said they will use the cameras during buy-busts and when serving search warrants against suspected drug personalities to erase allegations that their rights are violated. (RVC)