Thursday July 19, 2018

Bacolod police budget to be adjusted if needed

BACOLOD City Councilor Caesar Distrito, chairperson of committee on finance, said Thursday, October 5, they will adjust the peace and order budget allocation for the Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) for 2018, if needed.

Distrito said this year, BCPO has a total of P4.5 million budget with an additional P6 million from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation fund for gasoline and repair of vehicles.

He said the City Council as a "committee of the whole" convened during the regular session Wednesday, October 4, and discussed the city’s peace and order situation.

Senior Superintendent Jack Wanky, acting director of BCPO, presented the crime statistics showed a decrease from 2014 down to 2017.

Distrito said the meeting was more on budgetary concerns to sustain their campaign against lawless elements which needs an approval of the City Council.

“We will wait the BCPO’s budget proposal because we are giving full support to the police. If there is a need to adjust their budget, we will adjust it,” the councilor said.

Distrito noted that some of BCPO’s problems include lack of police vehicles, gasoline allowance, and operational expenses.

Wanky also said they are not receiving intelligence funds from the City Government despite the approved budget coursed through the City Mayor's Office.

Distrito said the police has intelligence fund coming from the national office.

In the local level, only the mayor is allotted an intelligence fund, but for the past 13 years Mayor Evelio Leonardia did not use it to avoid issues.

“We encourage the mayor that there should be intelligence fund so that it could be utilized for the city police, and he is also amenable to providing them intelligence fund,” Distrito said.

To maintain peace and order, the City Council also urged Wanky to reduce the free time of policemen because it is required to have extraordinary measures that policemen should be visible on the streets.

Aside of visibility patrol, the BCPO should conduct checkpoint operations and deploy civilian agents to monitor the operation of pickpocket suspects especially at the downtown area, Distrito said.

He added that the police headquarters should also have a standby team to assist the police stations that lack vehicles to respond to crime incidents.

Distrito further said there is a need to have a synergy between the BCPO, City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, and Bacolod Traffic Authority Office for immediate response to crime incidents.

He said that Leonardia will hold a dialogue with all the station commanders at the Bacolod Government Center Friday to discuss their concerns.