Thursday July 19, 2018

Navara: Dabawenyos’ preferred car

THE Nissan Navara has emerged to be the Dabawenyo’s car of choice.

“The sales of the Navara has really surged and accounts for 50% of our sales” said Artemio M. Montuerto, Gateway’s Nissan Tagum sales manager.

Asked on the profiles of the buyers, Montuerto said, it is a mix of professionals and businessmen who are using it for personal, family or company needs.

“They chose Navara because of comfort especially for those who are always engaged in long distance travel. Given the specs of the model, the price really is reasonable and relatively affordable,” he said.

Gateway is offering P88,000 all-in low down payment for Navara.

Tough and beautiful

Navara, branded as a car that can be best described as “tough and beautiful” is considered as the next generation of pick-up.

Navara features a tested and proven fully boxed frame with a world-class engine and go-anywhere 4x4 command.

“It’s where a heritage of tough meets premium ride comfort, smart technologies and sleek, modern styling. Taking you from a day on the job straight to a night on the town without missing a beat,” read the Nissan Philippines press release posted on their website.

For NP300 Navara, you’ll get both power or fuel efficiency. This new generation engine boasts a maximum output of 190ps and maximum torque of 450 Nm*. It has low-friction components that help the engine use less energy to do its job. The improved aerodynamics also significantly reduces wind drag on the pickup. (*2.5L 4X4 VL variant)

Nissan Navara, without doubt, excels on any terrain, from rain forest jungles to the more urban variety.