IT'S true! Heart Evangelista had a whirlwind romance with John Lloyd Cruz. The actress has nothing but good words for ex-flame, who’s currently rumored to be in a relationship with Ellen Adarna.

The 32-year-old Kapuso actress said, “He’s a really, really good guy.

“I’m really happy for him. Actually, I think they're bagay if they’re together. I think okay sila together.”

Heart confirmed that they had a short-lived romance way back when she was still a Kapamilya talent.

She recalled, “It was just one of those... I was in between... Like, I just broke up with someone at that time and I was gonna meet somebody also. So, it was very brief.”

Heart didn’t name names, but it was reported in YES! Magazine July 2010 issue that she and John Lloyd became an item shortly before she got romantically involved with Jericho Rosales in late 2005.

It was in the same magazine article that John Lloyd first admitted to dating Heart for a few "months."


Marlou Arizala became controversial when he appeared on Rated K, with a total make over and new name - now known as Xander Ford. Prior to this, Arci Munoz leads the pack of "retokada" beauties with her frank defense of her right to do as she pleases with her body.

Arci is in an industry that puts a premium on good looks and talents. Xander is a bit player who wants to make it big in showbiz. They have their reasons for going under the knife.

What about you?

If you're inclined to undergo cosmetic operation, here's a checklist of what to do and what to expect before and after a beauty procedure. Dr. Arnold S. Angeles, MD, FPAPRAS, FPCS.said that a person should think long and hard before deciding on cosmetic surgery.

In his words: "First of all, patients need to prepare themselves. They should understand that this kind of surgery must not be done out of a whim. Patients have to be prepared psychologically, mentally, and medically for any cosmetic procedure."

Remember that a lot of these surgeries cannot be undone, so it is important to choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon. You do not want to be an amateur's guinea pig, right?

"Most of the time, results are permanent and irreversible. Be wary of cheap procedures because you always get what you pay for. They should choose the right surgeon and not those with shady, questionable... clinics, or those fly-by-night surgeons," Dr. Angeles warned.

How can you tell if the clinic or doctor is legit?

"Their surgeon of choice should have a formal training for their expertise," advised the medical expert. Their training should be acknowledged by other institutions and government organizations as a legitimate training process. Not just any training process developed conveniently just to have one. Never trust those who just attended a convention abroad and have participated in a see-one-do-one procedure. Honing surgical skills and the knowledge for its indication and limitations are conceived through years of training and not just by copying a procedure from a convention or Youtube. To make it easier, look for a fellow of the Philippine Association of Plastic Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgeons (PAPRAS), or, if they have a PAPRAS at the end of their names. These surgeons have been preparing and training for almost half of their lifetime in performing your desired procedure."

A patient needs to get a full understanding of how the procedure will go. In the case of Xander Ford, three minor surgeries were done on his face.

According to Dr. Angeles, the combination of the procedures was safe as it "didn't involve major organs or blood vessels' reconstruction or involve neurosurgery."

Explaining, the doctor said, "Xander Ford’s surgery was performed by a fellow of PAPRAS."

"Rhinoplasty + Alarplasty + Mentoplasty are good combinations because they are minor surgeries, and can be done safely together, at any age, as long as patient preparation and medical evaluation are completely assessed. Yung mandibular augmentation, hindi naman major yun, injection lang ng fillers yun. Or pinaka-extreme is mandibular bone shaving, which is madali lang and hindi major. These surgeries do not predispose the patient to major blood loss, volume loss, and do not involve major vessels or organs."

He added, "These minor procedures are predictable and can be performed in a Department of Health (DOH) accredited ambulatory clinic."

The cosmetic surgeon cited the "mega-volume liposuction that depletes a patient’s volume to achieve a good contour" as example of a high-risk medical procedure.

"If sobrang mataba na gusto sexy agad," Dr. Angeles said that the procedures for this "require correct knowledge in volume replacement or resuscitation."

Thus, mega-volume liposuction, plus other major procedures like breast augmentation and face lift, are not recommended in this case.

Dr. Angeles noted, "Sabi nila, yung sakit is 5 to 7 out of 10 for rhinoplasty and 3 to 5 out of 10 for mentoplasty. Pareho lang if under local or general anesthesia. Yung local anesthesia is cheaper and gising ka…so ramdam mo mga injection at galaw ng surgeon. But after the injections, the area is numb and the procedure is done comfortably. If general anesthesia, wala ka talaga maramdaman during the procedure kasi tulog ka, pero paggising mo, parang nangangapal and throbbing pain ang ilong o baba. It's not really the sharp pain o parang hinihiwa that you feel."

The downtime usually lasts for three to four weeks, with regular checkups and prescribed medicine. You also have to refrain from strenuous activities at this time.

"For rhinoplasty and mentoplasty, once complete healing has ensued, care of the nose and chin are low-maintenance and worry-free. It will just be like a normal nose or chin, but improved. Nose or chin guards are not worn forever. Hindi na kailangan isuot pag magaling na. f course, ingat lang sa mga volleyball, basketball or sa mga weight training kasi mas madaling ma-paling 'pag natamaan," he quipped.

Dr. Angeles added, "You only need to drink your prescribed medications and complete the follow-up sessions for suture removal and probably scar and skin treatments."

What if you don't like the result? Or if you turn out to be worse-looking than before? Dr. Angeles had this to say: "If this happens, you went to the wrong surgeon."


‘Serve more love for the elderly’

Every year grandparent’s day is celebrated throughout the country, and it’s been a tradition for SM employees through the Employee Volunteerism program (EVP) to devote a few hours of their time to be with the elderly of chosen institution, conducting activities such as physical wellness, learning sessions and sharing fun-filled moments.

The EVP dubbed as “Serve more Love for the Elderly” aims to provide an opportunity for employees to share their time and resources in spending a meaningful day in the lives of the elderly, in the process, finding fulfillment in helping make a difference to the lives of older people who are otherwise isolated from family and friends. It is a way of encouraging employees to demonstrate their social responsibility by engaging in socially beneficial activities.

This year, this commitment is made possible by the Missionaries of Charity foundation Olongapo, a Roman Catholic religious congregation established in 1950 by Saint Teresa of Calcutta, better known as Mother Teresa.