Friday July 20, 2018

Apalit mayor lauded for swift action vs fish kill

APALIT -- Members of the Provincial Board (PB) recently lauded Mayor Peter Nucom of this town for promptly implementing measures to avert damages that could have been brought by the fish kill incident.

Board Member Salvador Dimson, who chairs the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, led the commendation during the fish kill inquiry in a Provincial Board session.

Dimson cited Nucom's order to immediately suspend the operations of the Far East Alcohol Corporation (FEACO) which was suspected to have caused the fish kill after accidentally leaking molasses into the Pampanga River.

"We wanted to recognize the actions of Mayor Peter (Nucom) who immediately issued a cease and desist order to FEACO to avoid any further damages while the investigation was ongoing," Dimson said.

He also cited the measures implemented by the local government after learning the fish kill incident in Macabebe and Masantol towns which might have been caused by the factory operating in its jurisdiction.

Upon learning of the reported fish kill incident on September 20, the local government of Apalit led by the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office conducted an ocular inspection of the Pampanga River to verify the report and look for possible assistance.

"Mayor Peter Nucom effectively led the local government in responding to the fish kill incident which contributed in minimizing the negative effects of the incident to the fishfolks and residents," he said.

The fish kill incident that affected Macabebe and Masantol towns was first reported on September 20 after fisherfolk saw tons of fish, shrimps and crabs floating along the Pampanga River.

Residents of Masantol town suspected that it was caused by FEACO but it was later ruled by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources that hyphoxia or lost of oxygen killed the fishes in the river.