Tuesday July 17, 2018

Fiesta for everyone

FIESTAS are a part of Filipino life. Practically every day, there is a fiesta somewhere in the Philippines. So at night, when one passes by Cardinal Rosales Ave. and hears music coming from a well-lighted place, he tries to find out if a fiesta is going on. And sure enough, one sees the sign: Fiesta Minore.

And yes, something like a fiesta is going on.

“The concept is all about festivities,” says its project director Noel Mantuhac. “The main reason why we made a food bazaar is to bring in more people in 23 Minore Park. That’s the name of the whole place that covers Landers Superstore, the IC3 convention center and Fiesta Minore.”

The whole area for Fiesta Minore spans about 1,427 square meters, and lining its sides are 32 tents and stalls. The open space fronting the stalls is like a mini-plaza, partly tent covered, with plastic dining tables and chairs for those partaking of the “fiesta.”

Since it is like a fiesta, there is nightly entertainment, even if it’s only music from its sound system. The place opens at 5 p.m. when its sound system starts to play music to entice people to come in and join the fun. Later in the evening, there may be fun activities like dance competitions or bands playing.

“Anyone can actually put some events in the area… even school events,” said Mantuhac. It does have in-house entertainment, an acoustic band that plays there regularly from Thursday to Sunday. If there is an event, the band will still play but after it. The place closes at midnight.

Being a food bazaar, there is a variety of food available there. If one strolls around the place, one can see American, Korean and Japanese food offerings. One can opt for Filipino and have pancit, barbecue, halo-halo and shakes. Whatever one opts for, one can enjoy eating it out in the open air or in the shelter of the tents.

The peak times at Fiesta Minore are on weekends (Friday to Sunday), from 6 to 9 p.m., when people enjoy the break from work and opt to eat out in a convivial eatery in the informal fiesta atmosphere of Fiesta Minore.