Wednesday July 18, 2018

Del Rosario: Grace and will

JUST like many of you, I receive daily inspirational messages from friends and relatives. One bible based daily inspirational message comes from a batch mate from UP who entered the priesthood.

Let me share with you part of his message on October 4:
“Following Jesus needs God’s grace and our strong will Attending a Christian Life in the Spirit Seminar is God’s grace; the years that follow requires our will.

God refills His grace through daily Bible reading, Holy Mass, and Prayer meetings. Then we must will to serve the Lord, for without works, faith dies.”

My batch mate, ended his sharing with a prayer: “Let us pray for a venue of service. God is sure to grant it, together with the needed time, health, resources, passion and joy.”

How enlightening it was for me. If you pray for the opportunity to serve, it will come. By His grace.

Grace is from God. Not by our efforts, but by God’s generosity and love. Not necessarily deserved, and often times, undeserved, but surely, a blessing from above.

I once asked a St. Paul’s sister how she could manage a big religious enterprise and organization, with no business administration background. She smiled and said, “By God’s Grace, the grace of position.”

Since then, each time I face a new challenge, I pray for God’s grace. Two weeks ago, I was asked to speak on a topic I was not familiar with. I prayed, researched, and He guided me. Next week’s sharing with a group of academicians will be no different. I seek wisdom and refuge in
1 Peter 4:11 which says, “If you are asked to speak, then speak as though God were speaking through you...” He will grant me the grace, once again, as always.

God gave us free will. The will to follow Him is ours. We can choose to do His will or not. If we love Him, we will follow His teachings and instructions. The choice is ours, and our choices have eternal implications.

“Anyone who loves me will obey my teachings” - John 14:23.

My Dearest Friends, You and I have received countless graces and blessings from the Lord. In spite of it, we often complain, and wish for more. We often pray for more. We sometimes even complain when our wishes and desires are not granted. We forget that God knows what’s best, and He knows what and when to give them. Our needs, He has promised to take care of; our greed and our whims, He never said He would grant. Although sometimes, He does. And often times, to teach us and others some lessons.
Let us be grateful for the graces and blessings we receive, and decide to commit to do His will.

Here are lyrics from a beautiful song: “Only by grace can we enter. Only by grace can we stand. Not by our human endeavors, but by the blood of the Lamb”

And I end with a beautiful prayer: “Not my will, but your will be done.”