A NIGHT of drinking and fun for two sisters ended in grief when one of them was thrown off a motorcycle on their way home to Consolacion town yesterday dawn.

Madel Salinas' upper half was crushed after a 10-wheeler delivery truck ran over her on Pag-utlan Road in Yati, Liloan, around 2:40 a.m.

Salinas’ younger sister (the police blotter did not record her name) was riding another motorcycle. She was surprised when she saw Salinas' helmet rolling down the road.

The delivery truck's driver, Roberto de Gracia, 58, surrendered to the police.

SPO1 Andrew Arellanos, investigator of the Liloan Police Station, suspected that de Gracia's truck (GMX-797) encroached on the opposite lane.

The motorcycle Salinas was on may have hit the front of the truck.

De Gracia was on his way to deliver some sacks of sand in Liloan, while Salinas, her sister and another friend were bound for Consolacion in the opposite lane.

Salinas' relatives were crying when they went to the police station yesterday morning, said SPO2 Bryan Batiquin.

Salinas' sister told Batiquin that they were just having a girls' Friday night out but she was sure that Salinas was not drunk.

"Tipsy lang daw, gamay ra man kuno sila og gi-inum (She said they were not drunk, just tipsy)," Batiquin told Sun.Star Cebu.

Arellanos said that the relatives are eager to file a criminal case against de Gracia.

But de Gracia, when asked by police, said he had no idea why Salinas was dragged under his vehicle.

De Gracia said he did not realize that he hit someone until he heard an unusual sound form the truck's wheels.

De Gracia felt something under the wheels so he stopped and checked what it was.

He was shocked to see the bottom half of a woman's body, attached to some crushed bones and a disfigured flesh.

Salinas' relatives were angry that not only did de Gracia hit Salinas, he also finished her off by running over her body.

"Gitiwasan kuno kay nilarga pa man ni paduol sa sidewalk before siya ni-stop (They believe he finished her off because he did not immediately stop), said Arellanos.

De Gracia has been detained in the police station's cell pending the filing of cases for reckless imprudence resulting in homicide and damage to property.

The motorcycle (YV-8886) Salinas was on and the delivery truck were damaged by the impact, Arellanos said.