Thursday July 19, 2018

Businessman survives ambush

A BUSINESSMAN was ambushed 10 meters from the gate of a subdivision in Barangay Tisa, Cebu City.

Vincent Rojo, 37, who reportedly owns a cockpit in Barili and a resto-bar in Carcar City, suffered a graze in the head.

"Residents in the area saw a white Sedan and two motorcycles in the area. The gunmen started shooting at his vehicle while it was on its way inside the subdivision," Cebu City Police Office Director Joel Doria said.

Doria ordered the Homicide Section to obtain footage from security cameras within a 100-meter radius of the scene to identify the gunmen.

The incident was recorded at 12:04 a.m. on Friday.

Investigators recovered 18 empty shells of an M16 armalite rifle.

The hurt Rojo was able to enter the subdivision and seek the security guard's help.

"I was already opening the gates for him to enter but when I heard the gunshots, I tried to close it again and ran to my guardhouse," the guard said.

Rojo was rushed to a hospital where his condition is stable.

"We are still identifying the motive, either it's personal or work-related. We will also conduct a background check on the victim," Doria said.

The Homicide Section said that Rojo managed to text his nephew that someone was tailing him before the ambush took place.

SPO4 Alex Dacua, chief investigator, said that they are looking at more than five persons who connived to kill Rojo.

"There's a big possibility that there was an intent to kill on the part of the gunmen because they used a high-powered firearm so we're looking into business or personal grudge as the motive," Dacua said.

The victim was on his way home from a cockfighting arena in Talisay City when he noticed a car and two motorcycles behind him.

Dacua said they received reports that Rojo is a gambling lord, who finances illegal numbers game in Cebu Province.

There were also reports that Rojo owns several legal lottery outlets in southern Cebu but police would not confirm this.

SPO3 Rommel Bancog, homicide investigator, said that when Rojo was rushed to the hospital, more than 20 relatives and supporters were waiting for him in the emergency room.

He said that they have limited information as they have yet to conduct a formal interview with the victim's relatives, who were reportedly the first to come to Rojo's aid after the incident.