SOME stakeholders have expressed their support for a proposed ordinance providing financial incentives to athletes and coaches who have achieved high honors in the Olympic, Paralympic, Asian and Southeast Asian (SEA) Games.

In a public hearing held during the Cebu City Council’s regular session last week, Edward Hayco, City Sports Commission chairman, said the measure will help encourage more local athletes to participate in sports events.

He, however, suggested that instead of registered voters, the draft legislation of Councilor Jerry Guardo should cover all athletes who are from Cebu City.

“We have two or three medalists that are based in Japan, but are so proud to be Cebuano.” he said.

Jonel Borromeo of Motor Ace said the measure will also encourage the youth to engage in sports instead of turning to vices and petty crimes.

Aside from the eligibility and qualification of the athletes, concerns on the sustainability of the program were also raised during the public hearing.

Councilor Sisinio Andales said that the proposed incentives are “too high.”

“The City Government will be bankrupt. We have to balance everything here,” he said.

Guardo is proposing to give P1 million, P500,000 and P300,000 to gold, silver and bronze medalists, respectively, of the Olympic games.

Around P500,000, P300,000 and P200,000, will be given to gold, silver and bronze medalists of the Paralympic and Asian games.

Gold, silver and bronze medalists of the SEA games, on the other hand, will receive P300,000, P200,000 and P100,000, respectively.

While he agrees that the amount may be high, Hayco said he is personally willing to take a chance on it. (RTF)