UNDER the present regime, I am at a loss determining how this expectation got lost in matters of decent parliamentary lingo and truthful news releases. It had gone haywire from the much misunderstood President to the worst written posts in the Internet. No wonder there is a suggestion in Congress to pass a law requiring senior high school students to include the subject, journalism, in their curriculum.

The first concern are the FAKE NEWS. The political battles among the Yellowtards, Bluetards, and the Dutertards are daily news feeds in the social media. The need for an honorable, educated, and refined mien starting with the President is badly felt. Follow the leader, so many citizens are as uncouth. It is simple , using your instinct and wise judgment in reading, you will know what are fake.

The writers of opposing political news are famous for their tirades on their political enemies using indecent, character assassination post, mud-slinging, and uncouth statements.

Let me remind all of them that political parties exist in a republic with a democratic constitution. We have major political party which wins in an election sanctioned by the government and the minority party, the one which lost. They are supposed to work as check and balance agents in watching how the parties rule the country. They are not there to quarrel but to offer positive alternatives when they see defects on either side. Did we ever see this now? I still have to hear a peaceful exchange of ideas for the good of the country. Now they argue endlessly on vested interests goals.

They disrespect even priests and nuns in their tirades as we see now. The regime had repeatedly shown this. The president is vocal about this. He contradicts himself that he recognizes God and serves him alone but his actions do not show its implementation.

Right now, the Philippines is on the top 10, suffering from misrule and critical state of confusion in the whole world. But we read news reports about our President being cited as a model leader. What is the truth? We see a culture of killings and violence resulting in the questioning of the extrajudicial crimes. The president has to rule the way he thinks best. He wants to change the Bureau of Customs to a more corruption free set up. He wants to disband three other bureaus. He wants to form a bureau against corruption.

The Philippine government is composed of three branches independent of one another. The first is the Executive which is ruled by the president and agencies pertinent to executive affairs. The second is Legislative concerned with the promulgation of laws after exhaustive deliberations in the lower congress and the higher senate. The third is Judiciary with a team of the head, Chief Justice, Associate Justices, and the speaker of the Supreme Court. On impeachment proceedings only officials subject to impeachment may be impeached. The ruling President is immune from this.

We have the right to demand a governance without overt signs of leadership of a budding dictatorship. We belong to a Family of nations which are our bilateral alliances namely the Asean, European Union, United Kingdom, and United Nations. The president had established close alliance with China and lately Russia. He is finally accepting a bilateral alliance with United States of America. I wish I know the vested interest he has after objecting to this move all along. We are all for these alliances because no country can exist alone in this world. We pray for a bright future for our country, the Pearl of the Orient Seas. For comments text mobile no.09202112534.