THE Cebu City Police Office will support the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) 7 in identifying the gunmen of businessman Vincent Rojo.

CCPO Director Joel Doria said that since it was Rojo’s wife who formally requested the bureau to investigate, the NBI 7 will act as lead while the police will provide the data they already gathered.

“We will coordinate with them regarding the data that is available as our support. But since the victim’s wife was the one who asked the NBI 7, we will only support them,” Doria said.

So far, the city director said, they have not yet obtained footage from closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras that might have captured the ambush.

“Without the statement of the victim and the other witnesses, we can’t take action and to think that the family already has a formal request in the NBI, so we could only support the concerned agency,” Doria said.

Doria said that without the statements, the police will have difficulty in working on the case.

“We’ll see, because we will just help them. What’s difficult there is considering that they are the ones handling the case officially, we’ll just support them,” Doria said.

“Whatever their request from us, we will provide,” he added.

Rojo suffered a graze wound on his head when more than five unidentified gunmen ambushed him in a subdivision in Barangay Tisa last Friday.

The victim reportedly owned a cockpit and other gaming outlets in Cebu Province.

The NBI 7 said on Sunday that they will conduct a parallel investigation with the police on the case. (JOB)