Saturday July 21, 2018

NBI: Bizman received death threats before Friday’s attempt on his life

BUSINESSMAN Vincent Rojo reportedly received many death threats, but what happened last Friday was his first brush with death.

This was revealed by Special Agent Arnel Pura, in an interview with SunStar Cebu, after Rojo had the incident recorded in a police blotter in the southern Barili town, Cebu.

Pura said that Rojo managed to retaliate during the attack after his Dodge Challenger was shot many times with an M16.

“When he was approaching the gate, a white Sedan was waiting for him from behind. While the guard was opening the gate, one gunman disembarked from the back and started shooting at him,” said Pura.

Pura said that Rojo reclined his seat to safety and grabbed his caliber .45 pistol that he used to shoot back once at the gunman.

It deterred the attack, Pura said, and the gunman fled in the sedan.

Pura said that they would still scour the area in Barangay Tisa in Cebu City where the attack happened and in Talisay City for any footage, which may have been captured by a security camera that would give them a lead in the investigation.

Like the police, Pura said the NBI 7 is also looking into personal grudge and business as potential motives behind Rojo’s slay try.

The Homicide Section of the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) recovered 18 empty shells from an M16 automatic rifle, which riddled Rojo’s sportscar past Friday midnight.

The NBI 7 was the lead agency in the investigation based on the request of the victim’s wife.

Pura said that the NBI investigation is parallel with that of the city police force. (JOB)