"So David inquired of The Lord saying," Shall I go and attack these Philistines? "And the Lord said "Go and attack the Philistines and deliver Keilah." - 1 Samuel 23:2

FRESH from brokenness, David shows its effects in the most practical way. David now inquired of the Lord. This act is so connected to his stint in the cave of Adullam. He now applies the lessons learned from being broken. In brokenness, God makes sure that it is crystal-clear to David that he is not smart, that he desperately needs God and humbly admits his need for others. You don't learn these things in times of prosperity and power; it is only available in times of pain, embarrassment, and powerlessness. Inquiring of God not only speaks of an exchange of information and getting directions from God, it speaks of a wonderful intimacy with God.

Do not miss this lesson of David enjoying conversations with the Almighty, not religious talk or high church rituals but rather, a regular conversation with the Lord is displayed here. This is recorded in the Scriptures to serve as an example of an invitation from God which shows that He is interested in our situations. Careers, we choose; life-time partners, we choose; to retire or not; to stay in the Philippines or migrate to Canada; to sign a deal etc. all these are important to God because we are loved by God. When was the last time you inquired of the Lord, heart to heart, friend to friend?

As brokenness exposes our not being smart, it also invites us to trust the truly wise One. Brokenness makes us avail of a long overdue conversation with the Lord. It is not about religion, it is about a faith relationship with the Lord Himself. God is willing to give us of Himself and more than just the guidance we need. David inquired of the Lord, and when he was in doubt, he inquired again.

Seeking God's will is not about being afraid to be wrong or being traumatized by fear of not being able to deliver or perform the expectations others set upon us. Seeking God is seeking His heart, putting God first. Remember, brokenness taught David to inquire of God and inform God of his plans. Do not miss it, God answered! You may be envious of David who could talk to God that warmly and up close. Are you aware that God's offer of intimacy today is so much more worth envying compared to David's recorded conversation with God? Why? When a sinner repents, and enters into a faith - grace relationship with God by faith in Christ, the Holy Spirit lives in you!

Discover the warmth of such conversations with God today over those in David's time. Yes, David was a mess, but David enjoyed friendship with God- they were on talking terms. Are you on talking terms with God? Then start the journey of moment-to-moment talk with God. Here, you pour out all that is inside of you. At crossroads, try to look up and see the Father as He looks down upon us, desiring a long talk!

Though brokenness lines for conversation with God are open with strong signals, we can hear God's answer. As I drop my pen, may we rediscover the gem of conversing with God. Begin inquiring again, expecting again, being willing to be led again. Try to find a place where you can focus on God and honestly inquire of Him. It is not only about getting directions, it is actually desiring God Himself. David inquired of God, have you?

Thank you for reading. I always write from my heart.