Thursday July 19, 2018

Bacolod bulk water treatment plant unveiled today

THE Bacolod Bulk Water Inc. (BBWI) will inaugurate its water treatment plant in Bangga Bagol, Granada Village Thursday, October 12, to start the delivery of water supply to the Bacolod City Water District (Baciwa).

Baciwa general manager Juliana Carbon said Wednesday the BBWI will then turn over the water tanker truck to Baciwa.

She said they are not sure if the BBWI will also start the delivery of water to Baciwa because the water district is still waiting for the opinion of the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel (OGCC) on the proposed amendments to the contract.

Carbon said the proposed amendments are still being reviewed by OGCC head Rudolph Jurado.

BBWI, a consortium of Mactan Rock Industries Inc., Tubig Pilpinas, and TGV Builders, had earlier proposed to directly inject water from their treatment plant in Bangga Bagol to the water pipes of Baciwa without passing through Baciwa’s reservoir in Purok Loygoy, also in Barangay Granada.

Carbon said the point of the contractor is to directly inject water from their water treatment plant, but it is not in the accordance with the contract.

The contract states that from the water treatment, the water supply has to go through the reservoir where Baciwa’s water meter is located before it goes to its water pipes.

Carbon said the BBWI is still negotiating with the landowners to get a right-of-way for their pipes to pass from its water treatment plant to Baciwa’s reservoir in Purok Loygoy.

The Baciwa general manager said the Injection Point 1 could serve the areas along Barangay Granada going to the downtown area.

Bacolod has a water shortage of four million liters per day.

Ryan Yapkianwee, chairman of BWWI, had earlier said they will deliver water by October 12 for Baciwa because it is their target date to start the operation of Injection Point 1 in Barangay Granada.

BBWI is using the Ngalan River in Barangay Granada as surface water source.

Yapkianwee said the Injection Point 1 will deliver 15,000 cubic meters of bulk water per day at a rate of P8.85 per cubic meter.

The BBWI is using Baciwa’s water rights permit and after seven years, they will turn over the system to the Baciwa management for free.

Yapkianwee said that by then, they will donate to the people of Bacolod or Baciwa the Injection Point 1 which costs P122 million.