Monday July 23, 2018

4 dead, 2 injured in family brawl

FOUR died while two others were injured after engaging in a fight with their relatives in Moises Padilla, Negros Occidental.

Killed were Kerwin Royo of Barangay 3; Ernesto Royo, councilman of Barangay 1; James Labiga of Barangay 3; and five-year old John Michael Mirano of Barangay 4.

Injured were cousins Reynel John Royo and Fritz Royo.

Senior Inspector Alan Reloj, town police chief, said the first incident happened around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 10, when Labiga went to the house of his cousin Kerwin Royo.

Royo, his cousin Reynel, and two other relatives were having a drinking session when Labiga, who was reportedly drunk, arrived and stabbed the two Royos.

Labiga escaped, leaving Kerwin dead with multiple stab wounds.

Reynel, with a lone stab wound, was brought to a hospital.

Neighbors called for police assistance.

Reloj said they were informed that Labiga was probably hiding at a relative’s house in Isabela town, but policemen did not see him there.

The following day, Reloj said they received another report of stabbing incident involving the same families.

Early Wednesday morning, the councilman and his nephew Fritz went to the house of Michael Mirano at Sitio Balugo, Barangay 4 after receiving information that Labiga was hiding there.

When the councilman saw Labiga, he fired at him using a homemade .38 caliber revolver, but Mirano’s five-year-old son was hit instead.

Labiga was holding the boy who died of a lone gunshot wound.

Labiga was also hit, but he managed to take the firearm from the councilman. Fritz Royo attacked Labiga, but the latter stabbed both of them using a knife that he also used in killing Kerwin the day before.

Labiga stabbed the councilman several times and also Fritz. However, Fritz was able to get the weapon from Labiga, and stabbed him to death.

Reloj said the Labiga and Royo families have no conflict that may trigger the incident.

They were informed that Labiga committed the crime because of too much alcohol intake.

“At the back of Labiga’s mind, a voice was telling him to commit the crime for unknown reason," Reloj added.

The police chief said they are investigating if the elder Mirano also had a participation in the killing of the councilman.

Fritz Royo may face murder charges for the death of Labiga.

Reloj said Kerwin Royo has a previous record for direct assault when he hit the patrol vehicle of the town police and resisted arrest, but it was settled.

The Labiga family has also been reported for involvement in various cases, he added.