WE'VE heard a lot of climate change these past years. We’ve heard it being mentioned every now and then, and it gets a lot more media mileage when natural disasters strike. Take for example, Yolanda/Haiyan. When that struck our country, a lot was said about how climate change is making these tropical storms stronger and deadlier.

Many say that climate change is not caused by us, humans, as we continue to pollute our planet. Many more others say that it’s our fault and that we need to do something about it soon. But what strikes me more though is that though of extinction. I recently read an article from National Geographic that talked about whether we would survive the “sixth extinction”.

Here’s the opening paragraph of that article:

In the last half-billion years, life on Earth has been nearly wiped out five times -- by such things as climate change, an intense ice age, volcanoes, and that space rock that smashed into the Gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago, obliterating the dinosaurs and a bunch of other species. These events are known as the Big Five mass extinctions, and all signs suggest we are now on the precipice of a sixth.

Read the entire article through this link.

It’s a scary thought, if you ask me. I’m hoping though that it’s scary enough to make everyone act soon and do something about the decimation we’re inflicting on our only home world. We haven’t invented hyperdrives and hyperspace jumps and I don’t think we’re getting any close to it. Heck, we don’t even fully understand black holes yet.

We have limited technology at our disposable right now but these technologies are more than enough to help mitigate the effects of our continuing blatant disregard of our planet’s health. The question now, really, is whether we’re good-hearted enough to use our collective skills to keep our Gaia breathing and healthy.