IMPERSONATOR. When he was still practicing his profession as a medical doctor in Michigan, U.S.A., Bernard Pino, a true-blue Cebuano, discovered that he could sing and dance ala Elvis Presley. So it was not surprising that he got invited to perform in different social events in Michigan to the delight of the general public, especially the Cebuano/Visayan community there. Little did Pino know that he would eventually become a Presley impersonator, so he had to hire a tailor that would make those colorful, glittery and flashy Presley overalls and other suits for him. Of course, Pino was able to perfect copying the voice and the trademark gyrations of the original King of Rock ‘n Roll, not to mention the sideburns, a pair of shades and other Presley accessories. 

SHOW. Why am I mentioning Pino here? Because I want the general public, particularly those who claim to be Presley fans, to see and hear him perform in a fund-raising show on August 15 at Cebu Business Hotel. Through his nephew Andy Manatad, vice president for the Visayas of the Publishers Association of the Philippines Inc. (Papi), Pino has already confirmed to appear in the show that the media club is producing, the proceeds of which will go to its various advocacies and projects. 

SINGER. Another performer in the show is Jacqueline Chang, grand champion of the Sinulog Idol singing competition. This petite lady has a very powerful voice. And she has what it takes to be a singing champion. You should watch her dominate the stage because she has her own distinct style of doing an impressive showmanship. In fact, Chang could very well give her Manila counterparts a run for their money when it comes to entertaining the crowd. To say that it’s going to be a must-see show is an understatement.

SUPPORT. However, the Cebu chapter of Papi is also asking for public support in order to materialize its first ever fund-raising presentation. Aside from Pino and Chang, the show also features other local talents plus ballroom dancing to cap the night. So those that are willing to support the show may call 412-1817 or 0917-437-0614 and look for Manatad, or 0932-277-8771 and look for this writer. Of course, sponsors will enjoy a lot of media values in exchange for their assistance. 

CONTEST. I was told by a very good friend that he is cooking up an exciting contest designed to discover Cebuano talents, particularly aspiring singers. According to him, the competition is similar to the Voice of the Philippines. However, it will not be seen on television but only heard over a local radio network that the Cebu CFI Community Cooperative Inc. has bought (or leased?). The cooperative, he says, will start operating the broadcast network on Aug. 1. I could foresee that this kind of contest is going to be an exciting convergence of talented and budding performers in town. It’s one surefire way of encouraging those with the singing potential to come out in the open and expose their capability as entertainers.

PRIESTS. The five-member Cebu Clergy Performing Artists (CCPA) is busy preparing for a series of concerts from August to October in the U.S. and Canada. This I gathered from my good friend Fr. Jun Gutierrez, who is serving as parish priest in a Carcar City parish. I am not surprised if the CCPA continues to get invitations to perform here and abroad because when the five priests start to take the center stage, it will be a “riot,” entertainment-wise. But if I may suggest, they should first stage a concert for us here before their U.S. and Canada sojourn. How about it, Padre Jun?