THE Center for Asian Culinary Studies (Cacs)-Davao has been at the forefront of developing and nurturing some of the city's rising chefs.

Last October 5 to 7, 2017, the fifth batch of Diploma in Professional Culinary and Pastry Arts had their repertoire meal.

SunStar Davao was among the panelists who joined Chef Gene to try out the different dishes of the young chefs.

The first group of chefs, who presented their meal on October 5, centered on the theme American Dream, which featured Anglo-American cuisine.

We were first served with the boule bread with herb-olive dip. Then for the amuse bouche, the chefs prepared marinated tuna with ginger. Next was the cauliflower soup with roasted asparagus and balsamic drizzle.

The first course was seared salmon with béarnaise sauce and avocado while the second course was the roast duck breast with roasted mushroom, French beans, and lemon confit with mulled wine sauce and pinot noir sauce. In between the first and second courses, we were served the Kiwi lime sorbet. For the main course, we were served the filet mignon with diane sauce, cauliflower puree, roasted asparagus, and baked baby potatoes.

The meal for the first night ended with an orange ice cream, chocolate pistachio brownie and chocolate mousse. A hazelnut chocolate was also served.

For the second night, the chefs prepared a meal with the theme “Italian breeze.”

Things kicked off with an Italian loaf with pesto mango dip and herb infused dip. For the amuse bouche, we were served the crispy ravioli with bagaybay on creamy red pepper sauce. Smoked scallops with ginger chive pesto and lemon butter sauce were served next for the appetizer. Then we had the roasted sweet potato soup with honey and cinnamon. For the seafood course, we were served the prawn sausage with prawn essence and three kinds of mushrooms.

For the first course, the chefs served butter poached lobster with squid ink pasta in saffron white butter with Italian baked stuffed eggplant. We were served the watermelon basil sorbet before the second course, which was the cabaw al vino with caramelized onion sauce, sundried risotti, baby corn, French beans, and cherry tomato.

For dessert, we were served the Jackfruit panna cotta charlotte with muscovado syrup, caramelized banana roll, and Davao chocolate starcciatella. We capped the meal with a dark chocolate praline with creamy durian filling.

From American and Italian flavors, the last group presented common Filipino flavors during their repertoire meal, which had the theme "7107 - An homage to local techniques and ingredients," on October 7.

The meal started with a sourdough and smoked coconut butter. Next came the squid with adobo broth on a rice crisp. We were then served the smoked native chicken with a chicken broth cooked in bamboo tubes. Next was the river prawns with a dashi made with tinapa. We were next served the maya-maya cooked in banana leaves with fermented rice, salted fish, pickled onions, and black rice crisps. For the sorbet, we had calamansi and Kaffir lime. Next was the pork butt with soubise foam and fermeneted black rice puffs. The chefs the served the duck breast with Adlai and duck jus.

For the desserts, we had a parade of Malagos chocolate in a pain d'epices; dehydrated milk foam and local honey; and popcorn ice cream with charred corn and panda cream. The meal was capped with a white chocolate praline filled with goat milk cream.

It was quite an enjoyable and adventurous dinner those past three days. Congratulations to the new chefs of Davao City and wishing you all the best.