I WAITED for nearly a month. And what all I heard was the sound of silence. No talk, no mistake?

The New People’s Army (NPA) let its guns do the talking when it attacked the Cadiz-based Helios Solar Energy Corp. solar farm, one of Southeast Asia’s largest solar independent power producers.

And then all of a sudden, their guns and their mouths fell silent. Not a peep.

I might be wrong. So I Googled “npa solar power cadiz.” Lots of links from mainstream media but none from official Filipino Maoist websites featuring news in Negros Island.

The latest from the Philippine Revolution Web Central was the October 8, 2017 statement from Frank Fernandez to the Conference of the CNL-Negros.

Nothing – as I expected – on the NPA attack on the solar farm.

In 2009, CPP founding chair Jose Maria Sison wrote in End Monopoly Capitalism to Arrest Climate Change, “Even the technologies needed for the use of alternative energy in solar and wind are limited to industrialized countries.”

Obviously, Sison is wrong. Solar power has made Negros Island the renewable capital of the country. The island is contributing its efforts to mitigate climate change by shifting to a green economy.

And obviously through its unconscionable attack on the Cádiz solar farm, the communists have made the island more vulnerable to what Sison himself have made “communities…the most vulnerable to environmental backlashes, which come in the form of floods, droughts and other occurrences triggered or heightened by the prevailing imbalances in the ecosystem.”

In other words, the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army have proven themselves to be anti-poor, anti-people, and anti-environment.

Well, that former priest Frank Fernandez read his Bible again.

“By their fruit you will recognize them.” (Matthew 7:16)

Otherwise, he would have proved to be an anti-poor, anti-creation.