BAGUIO City councilor Elmer Datuin is warning buyers on fake silver jewelry.

Datuin, chair for the Committee on tourism, special events, parks and playgrounds, underscored those offering fake silver products and tagging them “Baguio silver” remains marketed all over the city.

“We brought this matter to the attention of Department of Trade and Industry. I haven’t seen an effort up to this time to stop any of this. What they only say is to inform,” he said.

Department of Tourism regional director Marie Venus Tan said silver craft has always been an iconic product of Benguet and over the years it has faded away but remains to be a popular souvenir item that all should be vigilant of.

“Part of the initiative that we are doing is that there is convergence in agencies now that when we produce a product it is fair trade and we encourage products that are indigenous,” Tan said.

Vendors sell the fake jewelry for as low as P50 and can be found in tourist areas as well as shops and buyers.

Unfortunately, buyers believe it to be silver only to find out it is fake and would fade into black in a few days.

“We also advise market sellers to always be honest to their customers to do all of those things that will eventually encourage tourist to come to Baguio,” added Datuin.

The concern remains not only for silver but also local products like peanut brittle sold in containers which appear to be full but when opened, is actually underweight.

Datuin said some products appear good on the outside but once the buyer opens its container less or worst nothing remains inside.

“Department of Trade and Industry said there should always be a continuous Information Education Campaign. Of course we have to tell the sellers and dealers of this product siyempre mayroon naman pre-enterprise na sinasabi nila (that there are pre-enterprise products for this) but they should not market it as Baguio Silver,” Datuin added.

Legitimate silver crafters are appealing to the public to patronize their handmade crafts rather than buying fake crafts sold at the market.