Monday July 23, 2018

Embracing qualitative

A SEMINAR-TRAINING workshop entitled "From Theory to Praxis: Understanding the Dynamics of Qualitative Research was conducted last October 14 to 15, 2017 from 8:00 a.m to 5:00pm at the Lispher Inn, Conference Room 2, Davao City. Carrot Inc. is a company formed by educators and business experts that provides a proactive services that enhances learning and skill capacities among academics, corporate personalities hobbyists, who intends to upgrade their knowledge in their fields of expertise.

The aims of the seminar workshop was to prepare researcher participants with the basic and complex precepts of writing a qualitative paper from design to execution and critical review of the research methodologies employed, with the inclusion of the ethical considerations in data collection.

Dr. Mark Donald Reñosa, RN, MS, DNS, the highly intellectual and humble speaker is the Senior Science Research Specialist of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics of the Research Institute of Tropical Medicine. Also, he is an international research paper presenter and an international visiting professor of Research. He teaches about qualitative research with full of passion, he shares his discoveries about the beauty of exploring lived experiences, he dedicatedly continues to study about the meanings of processes, art of human convictions , significance of struggles and every bit of learnings from joys and pains in a complex world moment by moment.

The seminar-workshop started with Dr. Reñosa sharing about how qualitative research can change ones perspective and the world view. By heart, he presented to the participant's how meaningful is to utilized interviews in exploring the sacredness of everyday life experiences turned into a data that can transform lives of people and can bring change to many. The 2 day seminar provided the participants perfect informative descriptions of what are narrative, case study, phenomenological, grounded theory and ethnographic forms of qualitative research. The learnings are overwhelming because even multiple books could not exactly define it to the participants better than Dr. Renosa. Also, there were open constructive dialogues that exemplary aid the participants in tackling research questions in a qualitative fashion, which builds on and extends contemporary knowledge on them.

Some of the participants were from the Ateneo de Davao University, like Christine Grace Fernandez, Anna Liza Saus, Daisy Dianne Laurente, Carlo Guiang, Aireen Arabis, Maymee Olegario, Aurecel Alejandro and Melba Gabuya. Also, Sade Law-ay from Davao del Norte State College, Lucerne Razalo- CMU professor, Sunshine Pauline and Carolyn Arado, a public school principal, attended. Albert Jubillo and Jeffry Kibtiani, both chemical engineers were also around. Maria CerilaMaynopas and Czarina Giangan from DMSF also participated. Velouna Perez-USEP Professor and Connie Domag of CAID also joined the workshop.

Overall, the two day workshop was truly fulfilling. It was a professional development once in a lifetime activity wherein every participant would regret not to listen, because every second of Dr. Reñosa's talk are like stem cells that ultimately energizes the participant's old and weak body cells. It was a day of realizing how valuable humans past and present experiences are to bring change and heal the world.

I will never ever forget Dr. Reñosa's deep words - reality indeed is intentional, meaning is with people and reality is with people.... That's the essence of qualitative research - it is beautifully exploring the meanings of the pure experiences to come up with a universal truth.
I go for qualitative research - it is worth a life!