Saturday July 21, 2018

Extension stalls in Baguio market reach 192

BAGUIO City Councilor Leandro Yangot has presented a plan to accommodate close to 200 stalls at the night market extension.

Yangot who stands as representative of the local council to the Baguio City Market Authority [BCMA] said the original plan to take in 70 vendors has ballooned to 192.

Acting City Engineer Victorio Olpindo has finished the plans to take in close to 200 vendors at Perfecto Street, the space identified and approved by the BCMA and Baguio Mayor Maurico Domogan.

Domogan has stood firm on his decision to expand the night market to Perfecto Street to accommodate walk in vendors who have been waiting for slots in the Harrison road stretch in vain for years despite the appeals to stop expansion to keep profits within reach.

However, the Night Market Association fears a decrease in sales and competition for the over 1,000 vendors selling daily along the stretch of Harrison Road.

The BCMA has approved the expansion of the night market to Perfecto Street as well as the frontage of the Igorot Park to accommodate loyal walk–ins who have done business with the city for years.

Aside from the expansion, the BCMA has now banned cooking at the entire stretch of the night market citing violations on cleanliness and sanitation which left the body with no choice.

Association leaders said: “For walk-in vendors clamoring to have permanent slots, we believe that there is faster turn-over because of the stringent policy that failure to vend for two consecutive weeks, unpaid vending slots is awarded to walk-in vendors. And since the implementation of the BCMA resolution on the rules and regulations from the night market activity on August 2016 almost one half of the registered walk-in vendors were already given slots.”