MAYOR Rodrigo Duterte said the possible 40 percent chance of his option for presidency is just a joke in his Sunday program "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa."

“You know what is really funny is that when you answer no that’s not really an answer. It’s apparent that what they really want to hear is yes. Forty percent is just a joke by me,” Duterte said.

He said that he already gave his answer many times over and was even posted to the Davao City website two years ago.

“That was posted two years ago sa website ng City Government of Davao and I said that the position does not appeal to me, I do not want it, I do not need it and still I do not want it and I do not need it there is no appeal. Ayoko,” Duterte said.

When the host, lawyer Geraldine Tiu, said there is clamor of people who want him to run, Duterte said that he does not care because he is not running.

“Balik-balik man diay ka, otro pud ka (You keep repeating what has been said, you’re like all other people). Ganito yan e simply stated it is no longer my time, hindi ko na panahon maghanap kayo ng iba. Wala na ako. Even then, it’ll be just an illusion to me. I do not care if I’ll be first or last, I said. I will not be running. I do not have the passion for the ratings. I do not need it. If you put me in the last fine, put me on the first, still okay for me kasi sinabi ko sa inyo hindi ako tatakbo,” Duterte said.

Meanwhile, the Duterte for President 2016 Movement founder/president Captain Mar Masanguid said that even if Duterte will say that he will not run, the hearts of people are still with the mayor in the belief that he is the right person to answer their problems of poverty.

"Si mayor bisan mo ingon nga di modagan, apan siya gyod ang nakita sa tawo nga motubag sa problema sa Pilipinas, anaa sa kasing-kasing sa tawo si mayor," Masanguid said.

Masanguid also said that it is Filipino people's victory once Duterte declares his candidacy.

"Ang clamor man god sa tawo karon, di mabangbang, mao nang pagdeklara niya, mo alsa gyod ang tawo (The clamor of the people is uncontrollable, that is why once he declares, people will rise)," Masanguid added.

Masanguid added that the movement is unfazed and is still firm on the stand of supporting Mayor Duterte, and adds that the events transpired including Duterte's declaration of not running for President is just part of the strategy. (Karina V. Cañedo/Jeepy P. Compio)