Monday July 23, 2018

ACE-Negros to discuss federalism

MEMBERS of the Association of Chief Executives (ACE)-Negros are set to discuss the group’s stand on federalism.

Victorias City Mayor Francis Frederick Palanca, president of ACE-Negros, Tuesday, October 17, said they want to come up with a stand on the proposal and advocacy of President Rodrigo Duterte to shift the form of government to federalism.

“Personally, I am an advocate of federalism. In fact, I am a board member of Solfed or Save Our Languages Through Federalism. I have been against Imperial Manila,” the mayor said.

Palanca added that there are different concepts of federalism.

“But federalism is a very simple thing. It’s the decentralization of power to regionalize it. The local government units will have to utilize their own money and power to do our respective works,” he further said.

Palanca lamented that Metro Manila is already too crowded.

“All the opportunities have been there. It is time for countryside development,” he added.

Palanca said that based on the information from Third District Representative Alfredo Benitez who has been assigned in the transition government committee, Congress will transform into a Constituent Assembly in January next year.

“So it’s already federalism,” he said.

Palanca was one of the speakers in Tuesday’s opening of the three-day Kabisig Philippine Government Expo and Trade Fair 2017 at SMX Convention Center.