Monday July 23, 2018

Baciwa Board allows bulk water supplier to interconnect pipeline

WHILE waiting for the opinion of the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel (OGCC), the Bacolod City Water District (Baciwa) Board of Directors approved a resolution allowing the Bacolod Bulk Water Inc. (BBWI) to deliver the initial supply to Baciwa.

This will be done through the existing 600-mm diameter pipeline at Burgos-Granada Road junction going to 9,842-cubic meter concrete reservoir in Purok Loygoy, Barangay Granada.

Baciwa general manager Juliana Carbon said Tuesday, October 17, she received the copy of the resolution Friday afternoon and it was also forwarded to the BBWI.

Carbon said she was informed by director Mona Dia Jardin that the approved resolution is only for the interconnection of BBWI to the Baciwa pipeline and they don’t have a resolution yet for the acceptance of the water from the BBWI.

“This is the approval of the board that the BBWI can now interconnect their pipeline to Baciwa, but it was not stated when they could start deliver the water,” she added.

BBWI, a consortium of Mactan Rock Industries Inc., Tubig Pilpinas, and TGV Builders, had earlier proposed to directly inject water from their treatment plant in Bangga Bagol to the water pipes of Baciwa without passing through Baciwa’s reservoir in Purok Loygoy.

“For me, personally while awaiting the OGCC opinion, I will not allow the BBWI to interconnect with Baciwa pipeline, but then as the head of the procuring entity, the Board of Directors will decide on that,” Carbon said.

She said that anytime this week, the OGCC will release their opinion and it should be respected because Baciwa sought their help.

Under the contract, it states that from the water treatment, the water supply has to go through the reservoir where Baciwa’s water meter is located before it goes to its water pipes.

The BBWI is still negotiating with the landowners to get a right-of-way for their pipes to pass from its water treatment plant to Baciwa's reservoir in Purok Loygoy.

Carbon clarified that Baciwa has no problem with the landowners along Barangay Granada going to the reservoir.

“It should be for the BBWI to finalize their negotiation to get the right-of-way and Baciwa has nothing to do with it,” she added.

Last week, the BBWI inaugurated its water treatment plant in Bangga Bagol, Barangay Granada.

BBWI is using the Ngalan River in Barangay Granada as surface water source.

“We really want to deliver the water now because it is needed by the city, but then because of some delay, we are asking for understanding due to some legal aspects that were not addressed from the start of the contract,” Carbon said.