I AM flying home from New Zealand and it saddens me to read from FB posts of jeepney strikes by transport groups, of foreign intruders, and yet another call from the cleric for a rally amidst paranoiacs grumbling against the prospects of a revolutionary government.

Decades ago when the present political opposition were in power, the same cabal who now rails against a revolutionary authority were actually celebrating when their patron saint Cory Aquino declared one and then summarily shut off congress and replaced all duly elected local officials with their own salivating anointed flukes. Of course not a few bought themselves appointment in various elective positions left vacant by the purge.

The vestiges of the first generation of the inept Aquino administration and those of the second Aquino regime have conveniently forgotten Cory's revolutionary government. She declared so even when it was no longer needed. The dictator had been banished by the Americans to make sure he will not be heard or seen by those who still believed in him. Neither the US or the European nations raised a voice of condemnation against the Cory Aquino revolutionary government. Instead they dubbed her "icon of democracy".

Today, the Duterte government is facing enemies and destabilizing forces from within and out of the confines of our dear native land. Forces so complex and more morbid than what Aquino faced.

The drug menace threatens the youths while Benigno Simeon Aquino III has institutionalized corruption and drove our country into the edge of a failed state. The secessionist fronts were resuscitated and while this was happening BSA III allowed the seeds of ISIS to take root. While Duterte is waging a war against these forces and fixing the problems left by a corrupt and inutile Aquino government, the moribund opposition brazenly connives with the CPP/NPA, the leftist political parties, and shamelessly and without compunction with foreign destabilizing forces to oust Duterte and to bring our vibrant economy into stagnation.

Wake up my countrymen and wake up too "mother America" and the Europe Union.

I often wonder why you believe the extrapolated figures that speaks of thousands of victims extra-judicial killings that were invented by then Commission of Human Rights Chair Leila De Lima? She accused then Davao City Mayor that and continued to demonize him with those allegations when she was Department of Justice Secretary and Senator now that he is President.

Haven't you noticed that she and the rest of the detractors of Duterte have not even produced a piece of skeletal remains in that small piece of quarry land where her bumbling and perjured witnesses claimed they buried their victims?

What about the so-called Davao Death Squad? De Lima and her witnesses were lying through their teeth when they claimed Duterte created the DDS. These ghosts forces were part of the psychological warfare of Police General Dionisio Tan-gatue Jr. at the height of communist reign of terror in Davao. Duterte was nowhere in the scene of that brutal reign of terror in the city and he has no clout whatsoever.

The mortal sin of foreign and local media was to believe the prevarications perpetuated by CHR and the rabid political opposition.

Am flying home to my country, the Philippines, after a brief vacation in New Zealand. Am coming home with a realization that our country has so much more to offer in terms of tourism, agriculture, industries and as a shopping paradise.

If only we do not allow or invite foreign powers to intrude into our affairs and if only we have stable peace and harmony our country could be the virtual paradise on earth.