THE task of capturing those precious moments on the wedding day is no easy task. Hence, there is a need for the couple to get the right video and photography studio to capture the special day.

Davao City-based Accredo Amor Productions gives us a glimpse of what goes behind the scenes before, during, and after wedding day coverage.

Things kick off once Accredo Amor and the clients enter a contract. A meeting is then held between the two to discuss the prenup shoot and other details.

JC Boon Lao, owner of Accredo Amor, said the client is the one who usually conceptualizes the theme of the prenup shoot and the wedding. The studio also makes sure that they prioritize the requests of their clients.

On the day of the wedding, the Accredo Amor team has already started to conduct their wedding coverage hours before the ceremony.

Lao said if the wedding ceremony is in the morning like 9 a.m. or 10 a.m., they are already at the location of where the bride and groom are preparing as early as 3 a.m. If it is in the afternoon, they could be there as early as 7:30am or 8 a.m. They usually arrive at the same time with the makeup artists.

"While the client is having their makeup we start to shoot the details like the gowns and the rings," said Baby Anne Laodineo, one of the photographers of Accredo Amor.

During the ceremony, Accredo Amor photographer Garald Elid said there is a need for the team to have a good sense of mutual understanding to allow them to run smoothly. Team work and coordination play a huge part in the team's coverage.

Their personal assistants (PAs), among them are Mark Andar and Nico Serrano, also play a big role in the wedding coverage as their instincts are in tune with the movements of the photographers or the videographers.

"If naa ka'y pangitaon sa imong bulsa, kabalo na siya unsa imong ginapangita (If you are looking for something, the PA knows already what it is)," he said.

They have also designated the tasks among the photographers like one is assigned for the bride, the other for the groom, and another to capture the other candid moments.

For coverage that require same day edits, Elid said it is important that the editor they have is good and the laptop or equipment are in good shape and fast enough to be able to produce the audio-visual presentations that they need.

In Accredo Amor, they have Kevin Alejandre, the studio's editor, who goes through all the clips and photos and put them together to come out with a memorable video for the couple.

The team also has some backup equipment and items in case something undesirable happens on the day.

To ensure that every moment is captured, there is always an advance party that goes to each venue of the wedding day in case one team gets delayed.

After the wedding day, the work continues for the Accredo Amor team as they finish the full coverage video and select the best shots for the couple.

However, Lao said they also have to go beyond as individuals covering the wedding. He said they also have to do their part to keep the postive vibes going.

"Dili malikayan na ma-stress. Dapat dili ka mag mug-ot, dapat ikaw magpasmile sa (clients) (Stress on the wedding day is unavoidable. You should not show that you are stressed too but rather keep the clients smiling)," he said.

Elid said if the photographer shows any negativity on the day, it may reflect in the photos too.

With a team that understands one another and able to anticipate things during the prenup and wedding day, allows Accredo Amor to produce quality videos and photos that captures the wonderful and beautiful moments of the special day of their clients.

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